Thank you to everyone who attended the in-person public meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023, and those who viewed the Virtual Public Meeting between Oct. 4 and Nov. 1, 2023. The comment period is now over and your comments have been documented in the public record.

Public Outreach Background

Most recently, a Reimagine Boulder Highway public meeting was held at the Valley View Recreation Center on Oct. 18, and a month-long virtual meeting and comment period was available to the public between Oct. 4, 2023, and Nov. 1, 2023. These meetings were advertised on social media, in the Review-Journal and in RJ en Espanol (the Spanish version of the RJ).

Between 2017 and 2019, a survey asking community members to describe challenges along the corridor was offered at a dozen community events and at multiple transit centers. The goal was to identify community concerns and help create a desired vision for the corridor. A website was developed that showed design concepts and offered background information about the project.

During a monthlong period between December 2018 and January 2019, the community was asked for feedback on a draft concept via an email campaign to community members who signed up for notifications. Local television stations also publicized the efforts to collect input from the community.

In 2019, the final concept was shared with the public during two community events/public meetings, and an interactive website was developed with a concept element, cost, phasing and a feedback form.

Since 2019, the project team has been working on funding and applying those concepts to a project that it can move into construction. The recent public meeting was an opportunity to return to the public, show the design that was based on the public input, and provide an update on the construction schedule 

Welcome Materials

Welcome Letter

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Fact Sheet

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Fact Sheet - Spanish

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Comment Form

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Comment Form - Spanish 

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FAQ Sheet

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Public Meeting Exhibits 

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About the Project

The proposed design and construction concept aims to transform the 7.5-mile segment of Boulder Highway between Tulip Falls and Wagonwheel Drive. The complete streets design will include improvements for all modes of transportation including dedicated, center-running transit lanes with enhanced stations, landscaping enhancements, improved sidewalks, dual cycle tracks, lighting and future opportunities for open spaces.

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Safety and Other Improvements

One of the main goals of this project is to change the perception of Boulder Highway from high-speed, motor vehicle-oriented roadway to a calmer, safer, travel corridor for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit-riders through enhancing safety along the corridor. The project area also includes a high number of driveways in a relatively small area, each with roadway access, and not all crossings currently include ADA enhancements or sidewalks. The project will further enhance safety through the installation of new traffic signals, wider and better connected sidewalks, improvements to lighting, and adjustments to current signals along the corridor. The project concept proposes that the exisiting corridor will be reduced to two lanes in each direction in addition to the reduction of the current speed limit along Boulder Highway. 

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Community Feedback

In March 2017, the RTC initiated a study of the Boulder Highway Corridor. Since then, the RTC and the City of Henderson have engaged the local community and stakeholders to gather feedback, ideas and comments on the project. Through this process, nearly 80% of the public indicated support of the overall project concept.

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Water Conservation

The trees in the median in a section of Boulder Highway are currently being removed now to facilitate construction of the center-running transit system.Other landscape along the corridor is also being removed to conserve water. This is a temporary condition, and as a part of the project, desert-adaptive landscaping will be installed in these areas.

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Environmental Study

As a part of this project, a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study was undertaken to evaluate potential impacts on the human or natural environment, including social, economic, and ecological impacts. Through this process, no significant impacts were identified.

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Stay Involved!

From October 4-November 1, the City of Henderson is accepting public comments on this project to be included in the official record. Ways to provide your feedback:

• Fill out the comment form below, which will be sent to the project team.

• Download a copy of the comment form provided in the “welcome materials” section at the top
of this page and mail it to: Scott Jarvis, Project Manager, City of Henderson, 240 S. Water St., Henderson, NV 89015 or City of Henderson Public Works, MSC 112, 240 Water St. Henderson, NV 89015.
• Join us for an in-person meeting on Wednesday, October 18, at the Valley View Recreation Center, 500 Harris St., Henderson, NV, 89015, between 4pm-7pm. During the meeting, you can submit a verbal comment during the presentation or directly to a court reporter, or fill out and submit a print comment form during the meeting.

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